Solving electricity consumption problem, achieving energy-saving, green and eco-friendly effect.
Awarded Invention Patent of Republic of China

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            Shuangfei light insulation ceramic brick is an innovative, energy-saving, environmental protection roof special effect insulation material, after 32 years of hard work, hard research and development, has a national patent certificate, by the South China University of Technology, Guangdong Province science and technology Department unanimously recognized to reach the leading level in China, it has good heat reflection performance, can effectively reduce the roof temperature, improve the indoor thermal environment; The product is ceramic material, long service life, low maintenance cost, good weather resistance, can keep the thermal reflection performance of the material for a long time; Combined with the energy-saving design of building roof, the practical roof construction measures and construction methods are put forward. The technology is reliable and has obvious energy-saving effect.


Four advantages

  1. Energy saving:
    Save building materials, brick thickness is only 0.95cm, laying only about 5cm. Reduce indoor cumulative temperature, reduce air conditioning electricity consumption, energy saving and emission reduction.


        2. Environmental Protection:
          The paved surface will not produce heat energy, non-toxic and harmless, does not pollute the environment, harmless to human body, green environmental protection, clean health.


        3. Special Effects:
            It can effectively prevent the solar radiation from converting into heat energy, and the heat insulation effect is remarkable. The surface temperature after laying will not be higher than the outdoor temperature under the direct sun. C or so, without solar radiation, the temperature will drop to lower than the outdoor temperature. C or so, reaching the leading level in China.


          4. Durable:
            Ceramic material, long service life, low maintenance cost; Good weather resistance, as long as it does not damage the ceramic surface can keep the thermal reflection performance of the material for a long time.

      Appearance size: 30× 60cm and 0.7cm thick.

      Structure from outside to inside sequentially for the film layer, color glaze reflection layer (backlight layer) and brick layer.
      The film layer is composed of microcrystalline glass, which can meet the appearance effect while protecting the reflective layer of colored glaze from external damage, to ensure that the roof structure can have long-term heat insulation performance.
      Glaze reflection layer (backlight layer) is the solar radiation in the infrared and ultraviolet light on the surface of the reflection, so that light particles can not be converted into heat, from the source control environment and building heat.
      The billet layer is formed by stamping two different billets: the surface layer billet is formed by mixing additives, the stamping thickness is controlled within 0.1-0.15cm, and its role is to meet the color glaze coating evenly attached to the surface of the billet. The bottom billet is ordinary porcelain, and its stamping thickness is controlled within 0.7-0.8cm to ensure that the strength of ceramic bricks meets the national and industrial standards.


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